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Our sod rolls are 2 ft. (24 in.) by 5 ft. (60 in.)

Tall Fescue Blend

  • 85% Tall Fescue mixed with a 15% Bluegrass blend

Bluegrass Blend

  • 100% Bluegrass varieties

We Cut to Order!

  • Pick-Up  Orders must be placed by 9 AM for same-day pick-up and placed by 2 PM for 8 AM-9:30 AM pick-up the following day.

*Note: Sod weighs approximately 40 pounds per 10 sq ft roll

  • Delivery  Sod delivery is available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Orders must be placed 48 hours in advance.
  • Have a small project?  We keep some pre-cut sod rolls on hand, weather permitting. They go quick! Call to confirm availability.


  • 3-3-3 Starter Fertilizer  Eliminate transplant shock with this starter fertilizer that promotes root growth, reduces heat and drought stress, and improves nutrient uptake (
  • 18-0-5 Weed and Feed  Eliminate existing weeds while providing necessary nutrients to sustain a hearty and healthy lawn. Apply to lawn April through June.

Sod Staples

 Sod staples are u-shaped pieces of wire used to secure sod on sloped terrain or in a drainage swale. They can also be used to secure straw matting for erosion control.

Grass Seed

Black Beauty Tall Fescue sod-quality seed blend at 85% Tall Fescue mixed with a 15% Bluegrass.

To place an order for pick-up or delivery call (610) 967-4500